Private equity transactions and the associated accounting work can be complicated. With complicated transactions comes risk. We know how to navigate through the complexities and the ever-changing accounting and regulatory environment. Our professionals have decades of experience addressing technical accounting concerns and building financial reporting processes that satisfy the reporting needs of all stakeholders.

Technical Accounting

Accounting is rigorous and complex. Adding the unknown elements of a transaction or other corporate change can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned teams. Our specialists know how to manage these complexities and the ever-changing accounting and regulatory environment. They will own these highly specialized projects, allowing your existing team to focus on the day-to-day processes they know best.

Our offerings include

  • Implementation of accounting standards, including Revenue recognition and Lease accounting
  • US GAAP & IFRS guidance
  • Converting cash basis reporting to GAAP
  • Identifying appropriate consolidation models
  • Purchase accounting
  • Consolidation
  • Goodwill impairment
Business Combinations

Business combinations are commonplace to the private equity industry and come with a variety of complicated accounting challenges. We’re here to take them on. Element78 has been relied upon by the private equity community to apply best practices to ensure these complex needs are handled successfully. Element78’s experienced team is ready to help your portfolio company work through the complex accounting and reporting needs.

Our offerings include

  • Purchase price allocation
  • Opening and closing balance sheets
  • Working capital analysis
  • Push down accounting
  • Earn out assessment
  • Non-controlling interest
Sponsor and Lender Reporting

Private equity transactions and ownership often requires a new, more rigorous form of financial reporting. New reporting can be complex and time-consuming. Whether the incumbent team is unfamiliar with these reporting requirements or at their working capacity, Element78 is brought in to own the transformation of the reporting process and systems to meet the needs of all constituents.

Our offerings include

  • Cash to accrual accounting implementation
  • Reduce accounting close time
  • Develop lender and limited partner reporting requirements
  • Develop board and MD&A reporting packages
  • ERP implementation

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