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Strategic Advisory


We know from our clients that business owners like you have spent years of hard work and sacrifice to establish your business. For that reason, your business becomes more than just a set of financial statements. It’s a part of you in a way that few things can be. And because of that, you need to be sure of your next step.

Across Element78’s advisory services, we take that understanding into our very first meeting with you. We prioritize listening to you. We concentrate on learning your most important goals. Focused on those goals, we diligently apply experience, expertise and creativity to draft a road map best suited to accomplish your desired outcomes. From there we work side by side with you down each step of the path with care, skill and determination. 

Our road map is customized to each situation. However, there are core elements we deliver with each relationship:

Each relationship begins with a deep dive into your unique situation and desired outcomes. Our primary concern is understanding your objectives and expectations.

Strategic Plan
Upon completion of the Discovery phase, we provide you with a plan outlining the specific tailored steps and expected outcomes to take place during our relationship. This enables us to ensure our efforts are aligned to lead to an efficient deal process at a lower relative cost to the client.

Closing your transaction takes time, attention and energy. We are the part of your team that knows how to navigate the process and overcome the myriad issues that can stall or kill a deal. That’s because we’ve been on different sides of the table. Our experience enables you to keep your eye on your company and avoid spending unnecessary time on the process.

Most importantly, we view every engagement as an indispensable relationship with our clients, not just a transaction. Throughout the entire process, we’re focused on your outcome because that’s the only one that matters.

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